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by David Doyle

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Louis Riel, prophet of the new world and founder of the Canadian province of Manitoba, has challenged Canadian politics, history and religion since the early years of Confederation. In Canada’s most important and controversial state trial, Riel was found guilty of “high treason,” sentenced to hang and executed on November 16, 1885.

With 2019-20 being the sesquicentennial of Louis Riel guiding the initial confederation of Canada and the new province of Manitoba, and with the question of reconciliation on the minds of many, it is time for a re-assessment of Louis Riel’s career and that of his adversary Sir. John A. Macdonald. The brutal behavior of Macdonald towards Louis Riel remains Canada’s “great divide.”

Was the 1885 execution of Louis Riel the hanging of a traitor? Or, was it the legal murder of a patriot and statesman? Tried in a territorial court, Riel called out for justice, for an “inquiry into his career.” To date, no such inquiry has been called. The spiritual and political father of the Métis nation and Western Canada remains branded a traitor to Canada. Weaving together Riel’s words, writing, and historical research, long-time Riel activist David Doyle provides Louis Riel with the opportunity to finally give his evidence and assume his proper place in Canada’s history as Canada’s Indigenous (Metis) Father of Confederation.

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View David Doyle’s February 2017 interview with CBC News. Doyle argues that pushing for Louis Riel’s exoneration is important during Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary because it would help make a strong statement in support of Indigenous rights in our country.

Link here: Calling for Louis Riel’s Exoneration