Louis Riel Let Justice Be Done

John Coulter’s: The Trial of Louis Riel 1985

John Coulter’s Trial of Louis Riel 1985

The Trial of Louis Riel 2013

The trial of Louis Riel remains the most controversial in Canadian History — its implications reverberate across Canada to this day. After one-hundred and twenty-eight years here is your chance to attend the trial of Louis Riel. BC Métis Federation commemorates Louis Riel Day with RielCo’s productions of “The Trial of Louis Riel” at the Columbia Theatre, New Westminster. This is a world class performance brought to BC to finally answer the question—Is Canada ready to exonerate Louis Riel?

see: http://www.ravenevents.ca

I have a long history with this play and remember this old poster fondly. At that time the play was performed at Government House, which had been my father’s office when he turned the old colonial structure from the lieutenant-governor’s residence into an Adult Education Centre and offered the space to the Regina Little Theatre to perform the play The Trial of Louis Riel.

The 1985 poster for John Coulter’s play ‘The Trial of Louis Riel’ is a prairie classic in its style and grace. The phase “Traitor or Patriot” woven into the body of the poster was taken from the old colonial historian Geo G. F. Stanley’s thesis that Riel need not be defined for his era. Old George was a fine gentleman however, he was more than a little shocked when we told him: “No longer-today we recognize Louis Riel as the father of the Metis Nation, founder of Manitoba and the prophet of the New World. Exonerate Louis Riel!”

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