Louis Riel Let Justice Be Done

Honouring Louis Riel 2013

British Columbia Metis Federation proudly presents RielCo Productions “The Trial of Louis Riel” Nov 15-16, 2013

Conclusions in Regard to the Trial of Louis Riel

by: George R.D. Goulet

The trial, conviction and execution of Louis Riel for high treason were unjust and unfair from a number of perspectives. These included

(a) a presiding magistrate who was not independent and who was biased and whose magisterial acumen left something to be desired;

(b) improper judicial and political participation and tampering at the highest level;

(c) failure of Riel to be provided with a “full answer and defence” (to which the law entitled him) to the charges;

(d) serious deficiencies in defence counsels’ representation of Riel; and,

(e) the illegal application in Canada of the 1351 Statute of Treasons to the charges against Riel resulting in his illegal conviction and execution.


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