Louis Riel Let Justice Be Done

From the Gallows, the lost testimony of Louis Riel


November 16, 2013


David Doyle ~ Honore Jaxon II

Proudly Announced

3rd Edition

FROM THE GALLOWS – the lost testimony of Louis Riel

Honorary Métis David Doyle (Honoré Jaxon II) has been on the trail of Louis Riel since 1985. Now, using Riel’s own words, historical documentation and research into Riel’s career he has up-dated From the Gallows for a third edition. From the Gallows is a work of creative non-fiction written to “reflect Louis Riel’s proper place in Canadian history.” It is Riel’s address to an Inquiry into the Career of Louis Riel.

             RIEL’S TRIAL

 At his trial, held in a little territorial court out on the bald prairie in the new North-West capital of Regina (Pile of Bones) Louis Riel had to defend himself against Canadian injustices before a handpicked magistrate and six Anglo-Canadian jurors – peers! Louis Riel was not allowed to defend himself, he was not allowed to call witnesses or cross-examine to prove perjury. Notoriously he had to defend himself from his own counsel; lawyers hired by his Bishop. Their defence was Riel’s “insanity.” All was for not, the outcome of the trial was fore-ordained; it had been ‘fitted-up’ by a shadowy cabal of politicians, judiciary and clerics. Louis Riel was found guilty of High Treason and sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. Upon being sentenced Riel decried his trial and called for a Commission of Inquiry into the Career of Louis Riel. He died on November 26 1885 waiting and praying for his inquiry. After 128 years this is Canadian justice, yet questions remain:

Did Louis Riel deserve to hang?

Had Louis Riel been a rebel?

Was Louis Riel a murderer?

Was Louis Riel’s trial fair?

Was Louis Riel insane?

 Through his inquiries into the trial and execution of  Louis Riel Mr. Doyle now states:

 As Canadians we bear the awesome responsibility to review and re-develop our history—starting with Louis Riel. Consistent with history and justice the conviction of Louis Riel for high treason need be reversed and his historic role formally recognized and commemorated. Louis Riel deserves Canadian justice and exoneration.

 From the Gallows  is A TRADE PAPERBACK 6″&9″,  INCLUDING ILLUSTRATIONS ($20.00 + $5.00 shipping) available at the BC Métis Federation (BCMF) presentation of The Trial of Louis Riel – Nov 15-16, 2013, Columbia Theatre, New Westminster, BC ( www.ravenevents.com ). or Contact: David Doyle / Honore Jaxon II:


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