Louis Riel Let Justice Be Done

The Re-Building of the Louis Riel Library and Archive continues…

Louis Riel Library and Archive promo DD 18 01 14

The lifelong dream of William Henry Jackson (Honore Jaxon) carries on. The Louis Riel Library and Archive is being renewed. The catalogue is available at http://www.librarything.com – “Louis Riel Library.” Donations of historic books on Aboriginal and Canadian subjects are appreciated. We are seeking library space to set up the Louis Riel Library in Vancouver with its large multinational Aboriginal population. Long live the Library!

Save the Library
There is a concerted world-wide attack on libraries relating to the anti-knowledge agenda that seek to maximize profits at the expense of the environment and the Aboriginal nations, as well as to “dumb-down” the populations for further exploitation. The Save our Libraries campaigns are becoming a rallying point for democracy. Honore Jaxon’s library was “willfully forgotten” for the last 65 years – now it is being reborn. Your support in this venture is gratefully appreciated.

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