Louis Riel Let Justice Be Done



 My people will sleep for one hundred years, when they awake it will be the artists who give them their spirit back   



In this twenty-first century, in the spirit of reconciliation and honouring, a long overdue healing is taking place—recognition of Aboriginal Title. However, a vital piece of our Canadian history remains undone—an injustice within the Canadian Confederation to be corrected: CANADA MUST “RECOGNIZE LOUIS RIEL’S ‘PROPER PLACE IN CANADIAN HISTORY’


Before the celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial (2017) and the establishment of Manitoba (2020) can truly be meaningful the good name and reputation of Louis Riel, Canada’s martyred Northwest leader, le Pere of the Indigenous Métis nation, founder of Manitoba and our Aboriginal Father of the Canadian Confederation must be restored.

Factually, Louis Riel’s story lies at the heart of modern Canadian history. It is a conflict between a seasoned Anglo-Canadian prime minister and a young Indigenous leader that shows that life can be so much stranger than fiction. It is the story of young, worldly, Louis Riel founding the Canadian province of Manitoba and leading an armed resistance and a religious rebellion in the Great Northwest fifteen years later. Over those years Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, the wily politician who molded the new British-Canadian dominion of Canada, developed and held a pathological hatred for the young man who had defeated him politically and morally leading to Riel’s execution and Macdonald and Canada’s eternal shame.

Our Canadian Filmmakers can help to reclaim our history—once again we can work to unite the broadest spectrum of Aboriginal and Canadian talent to complete this national project. As an educator, historian and Riel activist conversant with the career of Riel as well as “new evidence” of Canadian duplicity I will act as a catalyst in the development of a new Louis Riel movie: RIELITY. It is my goal to work with performing arts professionals and develop a Riel Film Package/Proposal that includes expressions of interest by Aboriginal and Canadian artists in all media.

A social media campaign and crowd source campaign is underway with production scheduled for 2017 – Canada’s Sesquicentennial . 2020 is the sesquicentennial of Riel’s Manitoba and will see the release of this major project. I look forward to working with Canada’s finest filmmakers on this most exciting project.

The Beauty of this project:

RIELITY is an intimate reflection on Louis Riel’s dramatic life, and the life of his Métis people as Canada was being born. Resembling the greatest of Shakespearean tragedy it reminding us all of the intangibility of life, even for the “Prophet of the New World.”


coming soon


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