Louis Riel Let Justice Be Done

Exoneration Resolution


The Trial of Louis Riel 1885


Whereas: Louis Riel is the most remarkable person in Métis history, the iconic leader who represents all those valiant Métis who fought for basic human rights not only for the Métis but for First Nations and other Canadians

Whereas: Louis Riel profoundly influenced Canadian society and politics as the stalwart champion of Aboriginal and Democratic rights for Western Canadians, leading to Manitoba becoming a Province of Canada in 1870—and not a colony as initially established by the Canadian Parliament

Whereas: Louis Riel’s resistance to governmental inaction and intransigence in what is now Saskatchewan in 1885 was defensive in nature, and based upon the principals established in the Manitoba Act of 1870, the Canadian government’s response was inappropriate leading to the “Northwest Resistance” and Riel handing himself over to Canadian justice and his subsequent “fitted-up” trial and execution

Whereas: Louis Riel is still legally a convicted “Traitor”—guilty of the capital crime of “High Treason” and new evidence has arisen over the past 130 years indicating collusion and legal interference in the Queen vs. Louis Riel  by the Canadian Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and the Manitoba Chief Justice

Whereas:  Prime Minister Trudeau recognized Louis Riel’s “ideals of inclusiveness and equality – are now the same values on which we base our country’s identity” (Louis Riel Day, February 15, 21016) and Canada’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs recognizes Riel as a “leader for all Canadians“Louis Riel’s “proper place in Canada’s history”[1] can only be achieved through exoneration.

Therefore: We the Friends of Louis Riel seek justice for Louis Riel and call on Canadians and International friends to join us in the campaign to see the life and career of Louis Riel honoured with a Prime Ministerial (Sesquicentennial) exoneration in time for Canada’s 150th birthday July 1, 2017.

FRIENDS Add your voice in support of this vital step toward reconciliation of relations between Canada and Louis Riel. Help ensure Louis Riel is exonerated for Canada’s Sesquicentennial—July 1, 2017.

[1] Gathering Strength, Canada’s Aboriginal Action Plan, 1999

Petition closed – see our E-Petition … coming soon

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