Louis Riel Let Justice Be Done

Taking Riel to the Street

FoLR banner in the crowd

As Friends of Louis Riel proudly participated in the Walk With Us – We Are All One walk in Vancouver…

Davy Doyle S''toon 2017

I was reading from my book LOUIS RIEL Let Justice Be Done

Let justice Cover 2016

at the Saskatoon Word on the Street Literary Festival

where I ran into old friends and including the novelist  Allan Safrick,

Swedes' Ferry by [Safarik, Allan]

Also, introducing me was Peter Champagne of Rielco Productions

Doyle & Champagne 2017

who is busy promoting the the 50th anniversary of the production of John Coulter’s play The Trial Of Louis Riel.

Louis Reil Poster Sept 15,2017

In the audience was Hana Molloy, the daughter of the late Brian Rands, one of “Riel’s Friends.” Hana traveled with us to Batoche, site of the Battle of Batoche.

Batoche Cemetary

with my old friend


David Orchard: That was a good trip.

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